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  Guangzhou Aipu Electron Technology Co., Ltd’s products (mainly power module) widely used in large common industrial field, industry application mainly has the following advantages:


 1, power industry
  Applied in the electric power monitoring and power meter, electric instrument, power control, data acquisition card, remote intelligent integrated distribution box, power load management system and power grid dispatching automation equipment, etc which belong to power industry field.

  This series of power module supply with wide input voltage range (85-265vac), ac/dc or dc/dc, high conversion efficiency, high reliability, low power consumption, high isolation(isolation voltage4000 VDC), etc.


2, communication
  Applied in communication base stations, switches, communication tester,  Microwave radio frequency transceiver equipment, repeater stations, optical transceiver, etc all kinds of communications equipment.

  This series of power module has many kinds of protection functions such as over current, under voltage, output current limit, short circuit, over voltage and over temperature, etc. Products with peripheral circuits pass the emc test, including conduction interference, radiation interference, conduction interference resistance, radiation resistance to interference, power drop, group of pulse, electrostatic discharge, surge and other special content, excellent electromagnetic compatibility features. Ultra wide working voltage range, strong load adaptability, high reliability.


3, railway
  Applied in railway communication systems, metro broadcasting system, train speed controller, train smoke alarm system, train control unit display board, added by meter, wireless velometer monitoring and diagnostic equipment, and other areas of the railway.

  This series of power module products with high reliability, high precision, high conversion efficiency (loaded with more than 90%), high isolation voltage (1500 vac), vibration-proof, wide working temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃).


4, the solar energy
  Super wide range voltage input voltage 100 v ~ 1000 v, The output power of 5 w ~ 25 w, Successful application in solar photovoltaic industry, mining Wells, high voltage inverter and other special areas.
  Pv junction box, inverter, solar power, mine, petroleum and other important occasions


5, military industry
  Applied in warship communication equipment, diving equipment, mobile communications radio car radar.
  Product’s vibration impact performance is good ( accord with GJB367.2-87) fit for the demand of the harsh level of corresponding, high isolation, waterproof, prevent salt fog, vibration-proof and other excellent features. Wide working temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃), outdoor application environment to adapt to the cold, high temperature region.


6, aeronautics and astronautics
  Applied in aviation electrical equipment, aerospace, communications, aviation ground equipment, aircraft control system signal transmitting/receiving device.
  Products with high efficiency, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, wide working temperature range (55 ℃ ~ 105 ℃).


7, shipping
  Applied in lighting equipment, navigation systems, communications equipment, automation devices in the ship.
  Products with good electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to vibration, corrosion, impact resistant, salt fog and mold requirement, protection grade: IP53.


8, medical
  Applied to medical X-ray equipment, medical electronic equipment, medical high-energy rays, clinical testing equipment, analytical instruments, medical equipment, medical laser high frequency equipment.
This series power supply has high reliability, low leakage current and high isolation voltage (4000 vac).


9, vehicular
  Applied to the GPS equipment, vehicle monitoring, engineering mechanical cars, automotive ABS car explosion-proof control system, car rolling screen.
  Products with good electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to vibration, Impact resistant ,high efficiency and high reliability.


10, security
  Applied to the image monitoring system, the airport security equipment, fingerprint attendance machine, fingerprint scanners.
  This series of power module with small size, low ripple, low leakage current, good EMC performance.


11, instruments and meters
  Application in the digital recorder, current transformer, temperature and humidity controller, electric fire monitor, jack and meters, gas analyzer.
  Product has small ripple, high precision, good electromagnetic compatibility, small size, high reliability.


12, industrial control
  Applied to industrial control monitoring devices, oil field control equipment , industrial control tablet devices, ATM equipment, CNC equipment, embedded systems.
  Aipu power module products with good resistance to vibration, impact resistance, dust proof, high power density, multiple protection function.


Aipu Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2001.We are "ALIBABA" and "PAYPAL" verified OEM factory of Dc Dc converter(Power Converter,Power Module) in China with many years experience!Product include:DC-DC, AC-DC series.
At present, SANGMEI power modules are widely applied in fields of communication, instruments, medical treatment, military use, railway , electricity equipment and etc by its unique technical advantages, highly reliable quality guarantee.
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