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AC-DC power module small, medium and high power product nominate
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Product Nomination Method
Example W   A    10  –  220  D    05   F2   J

        ①  ②   ③      ④   ⑤   ⑥   ⑦   ⑧

① W Wide range voltage input: AC85-265V,
N Narrow range voltage input: AC165-265V 

② Power convert mode A (AC-DC) 

③ Output Watt 

④ Input voltage  
⑤ S : Single output, D : Dual output, T : Triple output,

⑥ Output voltage
⑦ Package

⑧ J : Military


Aipu Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2001.We are "ALIBABA" and "PAYPAL" verified OEM factory of Dc Dc converter(Power Converter,Power Module) in China with many years experience!Product include:DC-DC, AC-DC series.
At present, SANGMEI power modules are widely applied in fields of communication, instruments, medical treatment, military use, railway , electricity equipment and etc by its unique technical advantages, highly reliable quality guarantee.
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