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What are Switching Power Supplies according to the Uses and Applications
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Power supplies; we use them every day without even realizing it. Our computers, cell phones, office equipment, you name it. Power supplies are everywhere and in almost every thing we use. Pretty much every consumer electronic product has some form of power supply embedded in it. There are also commercial and industrial grade power supplies that are used in factory automation, telecommunications, data and image processing and aerospace. There are medical grade power supplies as well. Look around you, everywhere you look there are power supplies.

So what is a power supply? What is AC voltage, DC voltage and what's the difference? It can all be very confusing. Let's break it down. Typically when speaking of power supplies, you are talking about DC voltage which is direct current. Direct current means that the electric charge flows in a constant direction. Electronics are designed for the smaller DC voltages like you would get from a battery. AC voltage on the other hand is alternating current. What that means is that the direction of its current reverses cyclically. Electric dc converter household items such as your toaster, blender and coffee-maker use AC voltage as they typically do not have any "electronics" in them. You plug them into the wall outlet and voila they get electricity. Electronics on the other hand use a power supply to convert the AC voltage into DC voltage as to not overload or "fry" the electronics inside. The black box/block that you plug into your laptop, cell phone, Ipod, etc.

Regulated DC voltage is necessary in order for semiconductor devices to work properly. What is a semiconductor? Semiconductors dc converter are essential in modern electronic technology and in consumer products today. A semiconductor is a solid material, typically silicone, which has electric conductivity between a conductor and an insulator. Integrated Circuits which are miniaturized electronic circuits or chips which are found in electronic equipment everywhere are semiconductor devices. So are Transistors, which are devices that can switch and amplify electronic signals.

Regulated voltage can be generated from commercial AC lines with an AC to DC power supply as mentioned above or from a DC power source such as a battery with a DC to DC converter.

The design of power supplies today is drastically different from 20 or so years ago. The most noticeable change has been an international switch from linear regulator to switch mode power supplies; otherwise known as SMPS. A linear regulator dc converter is a regulating device that's main job is to continuously adjust the voltage to maintain a constant output voltage. Switch mode on the other hand is more like an on/off switch. The reason for the move to switch mode power supplies is that they offer a greater efficiency as much as 90% as opposed to 25 - 50% efficiency for linear regulators. This is a huge improvement to any industry as it reduces the cooling requirement immensely and it allows for a much higher power density.

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